Wandsworth Independent Living Forum (WILF) was formally established as a non-registered charity at its first Annual General Meeting in June 2011.  WILF is led and managed by a Management Committee (Board of Trustees) comprising up to 12 people.  We have a growing membership of deaf and disabled people, carers, and representatives from organisations working with deaf and disabled people




WILF seeks to be the voice of disabled people in Wandsworth, promoting awareness, independence, choice, empowerment, and mutual support.




Through partnership with other organisations and exchange of information, our mission is to deliver:


  • Promotion of self directed support (direct payments and individual budgets)


  • Provision of independent help and advice, local knowledge of sources of information, signposting, and routing enquiries to other relevant bodies and organisations


  • Advocacy, counselling, mediation services, direct payments services and benefits issues, accessibility and rights issues, training


We will also develop and deliver training programmes for disability and human rights issues, and hold meetings on disability related topics.


WILF’s work is co-ordinated by a core group of Trustees with the assistance of volunteers, the majority of whom are disabled.




  • Set up a peer support service for disabled people to access personal budgets, assisting with completion of forms and giving support or advice


  • Through regular independent living information hubs at accessible venues around the borough, become a signposting/referral route – providing information about services, facilities, and support organisation locally and nationally


  • Regular involvement with Wandsworth Council’s Adult Social Services team, and Wandsworth NHS, contributing advice and information, and taking part in consultations



  • Set up a volunteer training programme


  • Hold a series of training events for professionals and service users


  • Share information among membership via e-mail, website and newsletters


  • Raise awareness of issues directly related to disabled people in Wandsworth


  • Hold a series of events on disability related topics




Anyone over the age of 18 who is deaf and/or disabled, and living, working, or studying in the borough of Wandsworth, and/or their carer is eligible to be a voting member of WILF.  Voting membership is also open to representatives from organisations in the borough working with deaf and/or disabled people.


Non voting members are those who are interested in WILF’s work but do not define themselves as disabled.


If you would like to become a member, please contact:


Susan Wheeler-Kiley

Trustee and Secretary

Wandsworth Independent Living Forum

35 St Luke’s Close

SE25 4SX




07890 780572






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